An Evolution

IIt is with pleasure and pride that I write this, the first blog post on our new website, for our campaign to reignite Britain’s love of beer – There’s A Beer For That.

It was 18 months ago that we united behind this mission… And 18 months is a long time in this industry! We’ve done a lot and learnt a lot, but we think the time is right for change. Our mission remains unchanged, but we have launched this weekend what we believe is a strong and natural evolution.

Like all evolution, it hasn’t happened overnight. At the beginning of the year we undertook research across a broad range of people to help inform our strategy and creative direction. We discovered that there are three key perception barriers holding back beer – quality, diversity and versatility.

Our new £10m campaign will address these head on and get people thinking differently about beer. We’ll show that there’s more to beer than they think… More to how it’s made, more styles, more variety of flavours and tastes, and more occasions when beer can be enjoyed, by more people.

We will show people that because there is such a wide variety of beer styles – ales, pales, ambers, bitters, lagers, pilsners, porters, to name just a few – they suit a wider range of occasions than perhaps you might first think. Big or small, casual or formal, outdoors or indoors, on trade or off trade… There IS a beer for that. And for different types of food, our changing seasons, and even more changeable weather… There’s a beer for that too.

You can see why we landed on There`s a Beer for That. Research showed that this phrase really connects with people. It’s not only catchy, but it communicates very simply the idea that there are many different beers for many different occasions and people. Early evidence from Twitter over the last 24 hours would seem to back this up, and I was very pleased with the level of support and positive reaction we’ve received from across our wonderful industry – from beer writers, to trade and marketing, press and, even the world of politics.

The final learning from our research was that people told us very clearly that they wanted to know who is behind the campaign. It not only made it easier to understand the advertising but above all they found it really motivating to know that the industry was getting together to promote all beer.

This is why we have formed Britain’s Beer Alliance. It is a broad alliance of brewers, pub companies, retailers and industry bodies from across the country, who are backing There’s a Beer For That. It is free to join and gives us a clear, collective identity that is separate to the consumer campaign. We are 25 strong already, and let me personally invite and urge you all to join us, because we will be more successful together.

You can keep up to date with the campaign on Twitter and Facebook, sign up to the Britain’s Beer Alliance newsletter to receive regular updates about how the campaign is progressing and get access to our resources, and check back here for to find out more about the exciting plans we have.

I raise my glass to us working together for the good of all beer in Britain… Now there’s definitely a beer or two for that.


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